Rest and Recover

If you're like many marathoners you probably find it challenging to allow your body to rest after a long run. It may seem counter-intuitive to rest after you've trained and reached a fitness peak, or even the opposite, after a poor performance. However, not taking enough time to fully recover after a marathon often leads to over training and injuries.

Resting for seven to ten days will have little negative impact on your current fitness. There's scientific evidence showing that rest is an important aspect of recovery since the process of training for, and completing marathons can do skeletal, muscle, cellular and immune system damage. Furthermore, some of the best runners in the world support periods of rest.

In addition to rest you will need to recover nutritionally. Immediately following the run some of the best food choices include: carbohydrates, protein (with a ratio of about four grams of carbohydrates to every one gram of protein) and electrolytes. For a personalized meal plan you may consider nutritional counseling.

Massage is another important part of the recovery process. You may see massages as a luxury, but after a marathon, it is a necessity. The best types of massage post marathon include, deep tissue and active release technique. For help creating an effective and affordable post marathon recovery plan contact Global Chiropractic and Rehab Center today. Call 773.525.8100 or visit our website at www.globalchirorehab.com.

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