Rest and Recover

If you're like many marathoners you probably find it challenging to allow your body to rest after a long run. It may seem counter-intuitive to rest after you've trained and reached a fitness peak, or even the opposite, after a poor performance. However, not taking enough time to fully recover after a marathon often leads to over training and injuries.

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Global Website Launches!

Welcome to GlobalChiroRehab.com!  We are thrilled to have the site up and running.  Since 2002 we have strived to provide excellent service to our patients and are looking forward to moving into our next 10 years of relieving pain and improving health!

As you browse through the site you will find information about services we provide and conditions we treat.  We also plan to share cutting-edge, research-based information vital to your health and well-being.  We hope you will enjoy the articles and share them with friends and family.
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