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Myofascial Trigger Points (more commonly known as “knots”) are areas of tension in muscles that can be palpated as nodules or tight bands.  Trigger points can develop in fatigued and overused muscles as well as in muscles that surround injured joints.  They can become a source of pain and prevent proper movement. Trigger points are commonly found in the shoulder, in the upper neck, low back and hip areas and can be a source of headaches and TMJ pain, hip and knee pain.  Multiple methods are used in our office for releasing Trigger Points.  Some of these methods include ice massage, Nimmo therapy, dry needling, and PNF stretching.
"In less than two months Dr. Sorouri has helped me restore much of my lost balance through a series of exercises, which have strengthened and rejuvenated nerves and tissue that have been dormant for over five years."

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