“I want to start out by saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Dr. Sorouri, Candace and Ashley. I started treatment with Dr. Sorouri after a whiplash accident 7 years ago. I was in terrible, terrible pain.  Many days, at work, I had a hard time holding my head up.  It was VERY painful and felt too heavy. I went to the ER after the accident where I was referred to physical therapy 3 times/week for 3 months.  During those 3 months there was very little improvement. Needless to say I was very disappointed, got depressed and had no hope of getting any better.

Three months after the accident I was introduced to Dr. Sorouri and started treatment.  He did in 2 weeks what physical therapy could not do in 3 months.  Total recovery took longer, but after just a few visits I was in less pain and had hope that I was going to get better.

Dr. Sorouri is not only a very skilled chiropractor, but also a wonderful person who really cares about his patients.  He is very compassionate, respectful and caring, and always takes his time if you have any questions and makes you feel comfortable overall. He is also very interested in nutrition and other advancements in his field and he looks at you the “whole” person in terms of healing.

Dr Sorouri has a wonderful staff; Candace (Massage therapist) is absolutely fantastic.  Having suffered chronic back pain and muscle spasms for many years, I thought I was going to have to live with that all my life.  Dr.  Sorouri together with Candace has done wonders and today I am free of any pain.  Today I am even able to clean my own floors!!!! Ashley (Office Manager) is a great joy.  She is always positive, interesting, and great to talk to.   She goes over and beyond to make you feel comfortable, she has the best personality!!!

Dr. Sorouri and his staff have helped me beyond any other place I have ever been treated at before.  They have motivated and helped me to live a healthier and better life, and for that I am forever thankful.

To Our Health,

- Eleni Marks

"Dr. Sorouri is sincere, motivated and loves what he does. That being said, with just 3 visits, I feel such a difference in my neck, shoulders, sinuses and jaw pain"

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